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Your own swimming pool at home is a real joy. Keeping the pool warm, however, can be a real pain.
Slat covers are unobtrusive, stylish on the pool and very, very simple to use – making splashing in your pool more enjoyable.

Let the good times roll. Automatic slat covers enhance the experience of pool ownership with the simple turn of a key.

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An efficient, cost-effective and exclusive choice for the discerning pool owner, our slat covers are custom-made to suit your swimming pool. Combining efficiency with luxury, the team at Real-Time slat covers make and install automatic pool covers NZ wide.

Keep your pool clean, reduce filtration time, save on water, energy and pool chemicals. A slat pool cover will lessen your pool’s impact on the environment and your wallet. We can fit our automatic pool covers to both new and existing pools. 

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it all

Slatted pool covers should be within budget of a wider range of New Zealand pool owners.


Because they save our precious water and have important advantages in terms of safety, and pool owners’ environmental impact. Every summer the calls to preserve water are louder and more urgent in New Zealand, and particularly in Auckland.

what have we done about it?

We work with reliable, proven European suppliers, we have negotiated great rates, and then we have bought in bulk. Like Henry Ford, we’ve also stuck to one colour. By buying a single light-grey coloured slat in bulk, we have kept prices lower and are able to provide New Zealand with an entry level cover at a realistic price. We want ours to be the automatic pool covers NZ homeowners put on their pools.

but what about installation?

We’ve been in this business a long time, so we utilise the close relationships with pool builders nationwide that we have developed over the years. We make and install automatic pool covers NZ wide and can simplify the process of specifying and installing a slat cover for your pool.

what if I want a fancier type of automatic slat pool cover?

That we can do. While we can, of course, still supply the more sophisticated polycarbonate and translucent slat options, we feel it is important to start with a lower priced option, so the benefits of slat covers are within reach of more pool owners.

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