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real-time slat pool covers

Get the ultimate pool cover solution. Real-Time Slat Covers are proven, reliable and hassle free and you get unmatched style.

Easy to use pools, get used, so get the good times unrolling at your place. We’ve seen first-hand the benefits that our customers receive from their automatic pool covers. For more information, speak to us today. 

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how do slat covers work?

Slat covers consists of a series of hollow PVC. extrusions. Each slat is sealed to trap a pocket of air which acts as a thermal barrier, insulating your pool. As the cover unrolls, the air trapped in the leading slats makes them float. As more slats are unrolled, they push the leading slats down the length of the pool. The slatted cover floats on the surface and fits snugly under the coping surrounds of the swimming pool.

The slats are joined together using a unique hinge connection, so the cover can flex as it is wound onto the roller. The roller system can either be submerged or above ground.

Built-in limit settings automatically prevent the cover from going out too far onto the pool or retracting too far back onto the roller.

where can you use our slatted pool covers?

  • Residential pools
  • Commercial pools
  • New and existing pools. However, this is subject to the shape of your pool.
Call us to discuss your options.
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automatic   pool   covers


drive system

  • Easily installed submersible tubular motors (IP68 rating)
  • Proven European motor supplier – the world leader
  • The safety of 24-volt DC
  • Plenty of power at 300NmElectronic limit switches
  • Dropper mounting plates to eliminate through wall penetrations
  • Easy installation
automatic pool covers

slat options

P.V.C. opaque slats

  • European supplier
  • High U.V. resistance
  • Blocks sunlight which prevents algae growth
  • High heat retention (R Value = 0.29 m2 K/W)
  • Completely hides condensation inside slat
  • Significantly reduces evaporation
  • Lower cost
  • Immediate availability (ex stock)

polycarbonate slats

  • European supplier
  • Very high U.V. resistance
  • Blocks sunlight which prevents algae growth
  • High heat retention
  • Some options hide condensation
  • Significantly reduces evaporation
  • High heat resistance
  • Hail resistant
  • Longer life
  • Higher cost
  • Longer lead time (not stocked)
pool cover and reel
pool cover and roller

slat colours

In the Opaque PVC Slat, we stock just the grey. This enables us to increase our buying volumes and keep costs down. We can, however, source other colours for both PVC and Polycarbonate slats. For these non-stocked slats, there is likely to be an additional cost and longer lead time.

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PVC Slat colour options:
White / Azure / Mocha / Grey

We can install automatic pool covers in new and existing pools. Just ask.

pit configurations

In these configurations, the cover disappears completely into a flooded alcove, so there is no impact on the aesthetics of the pool when it is in use. The cover system is accessible from the top to allow for easy maintenance and cleaning.

If you’re unsure, the team at BMH Pools can help you decide which automatic pool cover is right for your needs.

Call us to discuss options.

pool cover heat retention


pool cover inground

The pool cover is concealed in a wet pit located behind the pool’s back wall. The cover system is easily accessible, making for easy maintenance and cleaning.

under internal seat

pool cover keep water warm

The below ground installation of a retractable electric automatic pool cover provides the perfect aesthetic, concealing the cover when it’s not in use. If you get in touch with us prior to pool construction, requirements for its underground housing will be provided to the pool builder or architect. If the pool already exists, retrofitting and integration options are available.

all black promotion

BMH is proud to be selected for a joint promotion in association with the ASB and the All Blacks.

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