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Slat pool covers are an efficient, cost-effective and exclusive choice for the discerning pool owner. Our team helps New Zealand homeowners, pool builders, architects and landscapers every day. We welcome enquiries about automatic swimming pool covers and can provide solutions, answer questions of a technical nature and guide your pool project through to completion, covering every possibility. Our slatted covers are purpose-built to suit each individual swimming pool. 

We have over 25 years’ industry experience and have been involved in projects from small residential pools through to indoor aquatic centres.

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automatic swimming pool covers

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What are the pros and cons of automatic slat pool covers? What are the issues around installation? What are the costs? Include the cover decisions early in the planning stage to ensures a precise fit. Our slat covers can be designed when building a new pool or retrofitted to an existing swimming pool. They look amazing and keep your home and surrounding pool area stylish all year round.

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We have a team of knowledgeable staff and a depth of experience that will help you get a cover solution for even the trickiest site and pool shape. Someone is always on hand to give advice.


Have you picked up a landscaping job which includes the pool surrounds and the integration of a pool cover and reel? We can work with you to find solutions, including keeping the pool reel hidden from sight.


Often, on more complex residential sites or commercial, school, council sites, pool covers and reels have to be integrated into the pool surrounds. We are happy to give support and input. We can work with your architectural team to review draft plans to ensure the end result works effectively for your clients. Large pool covers that are set up correctly are easy to use. The earlier in the process that we can have input in the pool design, the higher the chance of an effective outcome. Don’t hesitate to call us. We deal with architects every day and are here to ensure your client’s automated pool cover doesn’t get installed as an after-thought in the design process.

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Investing in an automatic swimming pool cover can save you both time and money. With our expert advice, you’ll choose a product to cover all your specific needs.

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