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why choose a slat pool cover 

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If running costs, the environment and safety are important to you, then a slat cover for your swimming pool, indoor or outdoor, is a smart investment.

here’s why:

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reduces water loss

Fewer pool top-ups. The intense heat during New Zealand summer days combined with the cooler nights make the perfect storm for evaporation. Covering your pool when not in use with a slat pool cover will drastically reduce evaporation, saving your hundreds. 

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reduces algae growth

Algae spores constantly enter the pool, by wind, rain, swimsuits, pool toys or cleaning tools. Throw in a bit of out-of-balance water, sunlight and a few nitrates, phosphates or carbon dioxide, and you can have an algae bloom in no time. Pool covers act as a barrier, blocking sunlight and slowing algae growth. 

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reduces chemical costs

Evaporation changes the concentration of pool chemicals. UV light degrades chlorine levels. With a slat cover on your pool, you don’t need to add as many chemicals to your pool, which is good for your health, the planet and your pocket.

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reduces heating costs

Evaporation results in significant heat loss from a swimming pool. By reducing evaporation and providing insulation, a slat cover will keep your pool at the right
temperature, saving you money year-round.

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simple to use

Our slat pool covers are fully automatic. Easily opened and closed, thanks to their in-built motorised roller, they are effortless to use. The turning of a key is all that is needed to get things rolling in and out.

which pool cover is the best

low maintenance

Scooping debris out of your pool is time-consuming. A slat pool cover helps keep the pool clean by carrying  insects, leaves and dust towards the skimmer as the cover retracts. This gives you more free time to actually enjoy your pool. The slat cover mechanisms are simple and reliable requiring little maintenance, leaving you with peace of mind all round.

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looks good

They look amazing and keep your home and surrounding pool area stylish all year round. A slat pool cover from BMH Pools, being purpose-made to suit your swimming pool, ensures a precise fit and can be designed when building a new pool, or retrofitted to existing swimming pools.

Slatted covers are a hugely popular type of pool cover across the world. Thanks to the reliability, cost-effectiveness, subtle style and simplicity they offer.

The only drawback is the time it takes to press the button.

real-time slat cover VS tracked vinyl automatic covers

Real-Time Slat Tracked Vinyl
Push Button Automation
Maintenance Low Very High
Surface Pump Required
Thermal Insulation High Low

BMH Slat Auto Covers

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